14 Kinds Of Dairy Products Actually Contain Additives Drinking Milk Or Additives

By Christina Xia

From June 1, the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued a “food additive regulatory requirement” into effect, under the new regulations, all food additives, ingredients must be expressed without reservation in the packaging. With the implementation of new regulations, the past still holds partly concealed in food additives, almost overnight, “naked” to show in front of consumers. 10, the reporter visited found that the packaging on many goods, the type of additive or even more than the type of ingredients, and all kinds of awkward-sounding name, so many consumers feel fear: that in the end we eat food, or additives do?

“It’s enlightened, a look surprised, I heard two days out of the new requirements of food additives, last night supermarket to buy yogurt specifically looked at the time, did not expect this 250ml of yogurt inside , as many as 14 kinds of additives. “10 am, Yanshan district representative who lives in Lily, said she originally was to buy milk for their children to drink, and now was a bit worried,” This is where the drink milk ah, there is the food additive. ”

Under the guidance of the President on behalf of the reporter to the area near the supermarket to see the unity of Ginza, this yogurt drinks, including a long list of food additives unheard of name: Ling methyl cellulose, pectin, citric acid sodium citrate, gellan gum, alginate propylene glycol esters, diacetyl tartaric acid Mono glyceride, aspartame.

In fact, not only milk that, the reporter visited the provincial towns many supermarkets found that as the “food additive regulatory requirement” of this month to officially take effect, and now almost overnight food additive “naked” presented in the consumer before. In a Xizhilang of jelly, for example, a small jelly, actually contained food additives, 10 different kinds, namely, carrageenan, lactic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium chloride, food flavor, sweet Su, potassium sorbate, the temptation to red, titanium dioxide, etc. In addition, preserved fruits, biscuits, ham, puffed food products, the same figure can not do without additives, while the number of food additives as many people feel there is too much for.

East Side at the train station near the street as the overwhelming majority of food additives manufacturers and distributors, on the additive effect, almost all sellers are the same-lipped.


A facade large manufacturer of food additives told reporters: “meet the standard of food additives, additives are harmless to human body, the product to pursue taste, you can not do without food additives, food additives is to make products look good, taste good sale of food processing enterprises is essential. ”

“Food additive essential for food businesses, such as common in milk, xanthan gum, propylene glycol alginate, in fact, is the role of thickening, so that consumers drink milk, I felt the milk thickens, taste better; preserves common in aspartame or acesulfame, you can increase the product’s sweetness. “additives business of selling dairy products, vendors told reporters.

“Food additive main problem lies in whether the standardized operation of enterprises.” 10, Jinan Food Industry Association vice president, told reporters that the Secretary-General Yan-Ming Zhu, food additives, there is nothing wrong in itself, a number of food additives within the prescribed dosage, can Let’s eat delicious food. The problem is being unrestrained abuse, and some of the non-food additives as a food additive, and some even use Formaldehyde, Sudan, melamine, formalin and other things beyond the scope of food additives, as well as the enterprises through large, excessive use of additives to enhance food flavors, food safety hazards of these is the culprit, but also the departments need to be carefully to control the key.

Shandong University, Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, doctoral tutor Professor Xu Guifa that meet the standard of food additives additives on the human body is indeed safe, but to note that although some food additives are harmless to human body, but on the human body is not required. “If the long-term consumption of food additives, its components accumulate in the body, will give us good health and have been affected.” Xu said, the current food additive Unlike the previous additives, and many of them are chemically synthesized, “as type known as -carotene in food additives, were previously extracted from the carrot out, but now so advanced chemical technologies, many of which are direct synthesis, and these synthetic humans would certainly have been affected. ”

Food additives, you touch several times a day?

Experts, in life, three meals a day, people close contact with food additives.

Breakfast, a cup of pocket “fresh milk” of convenience to buy the FCL, the preservative is essential. A few slices of ham inside the quietly hidden sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate. Bread shop downstairs breakfast, bakery bread, that fluffy behind, in fact, thanks to the leavening agent.

Lunch, rice, flavoring agent, conditioner, and even fresh flavors Chen meters back, shining white rice is also not easy. Edible oils in cooking, BHA, BHT, this series of letters are foggy for listening. If you drink a bottle of juice, lemon yellow, sunset yellow, edible flavor, color also is inside the main chances.

Dinner table is often rich, the more you use the spices, the more additive. Flavor enhancers, thickeners, acidity regulator, every household with the soy sauce, MSG and other food additives in fact belong to the scope.

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