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By Kimberly Quang

RLLD Commercial Lighting recommends using specification grade, metal halide fixtures for horse track lighting and rodeo arena lighting whenever possible. This is because MH lighting fixtures fall into the category of high intensity discharge lights, also known as HID, and produce an exceptionally bright, white light with excellent color rendering. Contractors who use specification grade MH fixtures can expect to have a powerful competitive advantage over other consultants who may not have access to our vendor contracts and are forced by limited resources to fall back on retail grade flood lights and second-rate MH fixtures that do not feature the level of sophistication and long life our products are known for.

Electricians contracted by an equestrian center can often create both a superior aesthetic and generate savings for their clients by using metal pole mount adapters and MH box floods to install new fixtures to existing lighting poles around the arena. Normally this does not require rewiring the existing system, so labor rates are lower and insurance liability is also reduced due to a lower risk of damage to electrical components. Equestrian facility managers may remember how previous contractors were able to install lights that were inexpensive and easy to mount and may not want to invest a large deal of money even if it is in a much needed upgrade. By using our mounting accessories and complimentary design consultation services, contractors can offer a competitive price and still light a rodeo arena or horse track with fixtures that feature the latest designs in internal reflectors that force the light toward the arena without creating glare or spill light in the process Benefits of this level of technology become even more readily apparent in an urban setting where dark sky laws strictly prohibit light pollution in neighboring business and residential areas.

Heavy duty mounting brackets make it easy to install fixtures on 6′ to 12′ wooden poles, allowing fixtures to subsequently pivot for directional aiming. We have a number of recommended wattage intensities designed for lighting poles of different heights, itemized as follows:

250 watt light fixtures are designed for a 20 foot or less mounting height

400 watt fixtures are designed for a 20′ to 30′ foot mounting height

1000 watt fixtures are designed for a 30′ or more mounting height


Wooden poles are not always the best poles to use for lighting equestrian facilities or commercial rodeo arenas that are aiming for a more refined and architectural image. In such instances, it is often advisable to substitute steel and fiberglass poles which are more durable and generally better suited to larger horse arenas and tracks.

Such larger equestrian facilities may even want a completely brand new horse track lighting or rodeo arena lighting system. Such facilities may have one or more employees on staff that carries an electrical technician certification, or they may be affiliated through networking channels with a professional lighting design firm. Metal halide fixtures ranging up to 1000W (with standard multi-tap ballast) can be obtained through our network of top-grade manufacturer relationships. Commercial grade steel poles and more decorative and robust wooden pole ranging in heights from 20′ to 40′ can also be ordered through out distribution channels, allowing for eclectic and custom equestrian horse track lighting systems to be designed from the ground up.

In order to fully anticipate the lighting needs of both smaller rodeo arenas and larger equestrian centers, we have created a number of horse arena lighting packages for the convenience of both the professional design firm and the licensed, DIY electrical expert. Commercial grade lighting kits can be purchased in either direct burial or flange mounts for concrete footings. These kits include a number of specific options that are both standard and customizable for a multitude of horse and rodeo arena lighting design requirements.

Round Straight Light Poles

Round Tapered Light Poles

Square Tapered Light Poles

Straight Square Light Poles

20 foot Outdoor Horse Arena Lighting Kits

25 foot Outdoor Horse Arena Lighting Kits

30 foot Outdoor Horse Arena Light Kits

Custom Built Decorative Light Pole Kits

Decorative & Custom made Lighting Pole Kits.

To provide this wide range of application and diversity of configurations, it is necessary to tightly regulate electron flow within the lamps to maximize lamp life and to generate a higher quality of evenly distributed light. This is why all of our equestrian center, horse track, and rodeo lighting fixtures feature multi-tap ballasts ranging from 120V up to 277V.

For this level of sophisticated wiring and lighting design, it is sometimes necessary for experts to confer with other experts, which is why we provide complimentary technical support and lighting design services to clients and serious inquirers.

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